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FileZillaPortable_3.53.0.paf.exe Bug "Invalid xml file" error

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FileZillaPortable_3.53.0.paf.exe Bug "Invalid xml file" error

I'm looking for a way to give feedback on FileZillaPortable_3.53.0.paf.exe that was recently posted to the project on SourceForge. Can someone please point me in the right direction, as I just keep going in circles.

There is a bug that shows up when using the latest release FileZillaPortable_3.53.0.paf.exe when attempting to connect to an SFTP server on port 22 using SCP. It throws an error stating "invalid xml file"

The previous version 3.52.2 works without issue.

Furthermore there is nothing that indicates weather the version posted on SourceForge is 3.53.0-rc1 or 3.53.0-ga


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Working Here

I'm able to connect to SFTP port 22 without issue here on a fresh install of 3.53.0. Can you share more details about the hostname?

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