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PAM Windows Patch Bug - Cannot close down cleanly

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PAM Windows Patch Bug - Cannot close down cleanly

I've installed PAM (and the patch) on my Kingston 1GB non-U3 drive.

  • The host PC is running Windows 2K SP4.
  • I can connect my drive OK, but have to run StartPortableApps.exe manually off the USB drive (mapped to drive R:\) to get it to appear in the tray.
  • The Autorun.inf does not run when I insert the drive.
  • The small cross at the bottom right of the menu screen is inactive, it only shows the default cursor and does not act as a hotspot as per the other menu entries
  • I can only close down the menu application by using the Task Manager, but often if I try to restart it I am told it is use by another application (this may be because I have Adobe Photoshop Updater on my system - I'm currently trying to nuke it
  • I only seem to be able to fire up one application once for certain using the menu, unless it is one of the Windows Explorer-based options
    • If I try to run up a portable application as the non-first application from the menu, I see the app's splash screen and then all of a sudden. . . nothing else happens
  • I can only clear these conditions for certain by restarting the PC, neither using the W2K Unplug utility nor logging off my account seem to clear things

If you have an updated patch or Beta image that you reckon will sort this out please let me know.


Ian Hulin