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Better way of having to click OK "I agree" many times over when installing multiple apps

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Better way of having to click OK "I agree" many times over when installing multiple apps


This post is a feature request.

So I've just installed several apps on the Portableapps platform. Because of bandwidth limitations, this process takes some time (about an hour).

Some of the reason it takes long time, is that some applications demand the user to click "yes I agree to whatever the message says". In practice, if you want to make this fast, then you must "babysit" the installation - because the time between each of those interruption is very random.

But - bear with me at home office - I have a slightly possible workable idea. It doesn't solve it but surely make it better for end user:
What if the apps was grouped (hidden from end user/gui) in two main groups - the apps that does interrupt by asking the user to click yes/ok/agree from the apps that just got installed with no interruption.
And more - if all those apps that require user interaction is installed before all the other applications. That means the user may need to baby-sit for five minutes, but after that can have a break, have a good cup of coffee while the installer get the rest of the applications started.


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At some point, the platform will have the ability to allow you to agree to all EULAs before even downloading. The online component of this is complete with the updater database understanding which apps have EULAs and which version they are (the PA.c Installer and platform up the version on changes so you only agree to each version once) and all the EULAs hosted on our server. The platform component is not yet complete, though.

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