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WinSCPPortable 5.17.10 crashes

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WinSCPPortable 5.17.10 crashes


I've been using this app for a few years and generally overwrite the folder when a new version comes out.
Yesterday, I updated WinSCPPortable 5.17.7 -> 5.17.10 but it wasn't until today that I used it.

It starts to open, and displays the splash screen. I then see a quick flash of the main window before it exits.
I tried downloading the file again and overwriting the folder but no luck.
When I deleted the `data/settings` folder and tried again, I got a message: "Invalid characters in path"
If I overwrite the "bad" WinSCPPortable folder with version 5.17.7, it works.
Overwriting the folder again with version 5.17.10, shows a "Invalid characters in path" popup, or crashes out if my setting files exists.

So 5.17.10 crashes
- on a clean extract with "Invalid characters in path"
- without warning with previous (working) settings
But the software works when I overwrite it with WinSCPPortable 5.17.7 files.

Is there anything else I can do to debug? Are you able to replicate the issue?

WinSCPPortable: 5.17.10
OS: Win10