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Portable Enviroment for Games

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Portable Enviroment for Games

Hi there,

I'm trying to make some of my favourite, old games portable by using Portable Apps Launcher and I'm now stuck with
Need for Speed Underground...

For anyone who would like to test/play with it around, may feel free to try out
REMEMBER you have to put inside the App Folder the game files!

So what's my problem?

While doing Stuff with the Registy and ProgramData works fine in test, running the game itself crashes with

AFAIK there are many mentions about memory issues, maybe someone who's longer into PApps could help me out Smile

- Pascal ♥

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Many factors

Probably because of missing dependencies (dll files, etc) or the game path is too long (try shortening it first). There is also ThirteenAG's fix for NFS Underground already, it can portablize the game so no need of PAL. Please note that NFS Underground is a proprietary software and resharing it for free is illegal (EA may sue you). If you do some modifications, just keep it yourself.

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