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No Menu Bar

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No Menu Bar

I downloaded Portable, and it works seamlessly in Windows XP. However, I ran it from my USB (Lexar Jumpdrive 2.0 Pro) on a Windows 98SE machine and the menu bar didn't appear. When I right clicked on the "Drawing" menu bar (none of the buttons appeared on that one), I clicked on Configure>Menu, but then Windows did that usual freezing up, and I had to end the program. I then copied it to the hard drive, but got the same results.
There's another forum about this, but he has the exact same USB device as I do, and he did the exact same things. (I didn't reply to that thread because I didn't know how). Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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Try reading the other topic....

I posted my personal experiences with this issue on the "other topic":

You might as well try the solution -- you never know, it may actually work. Smile

Since 98SE is involved [ NOBODY has 98FE Wink ], it looks like you might try downloading the software drivers for 98SE from the manufacturer. I did a quick check, and that seems to be a possibility as well.

My best educated guess is that it is more than likely BOTH problems. <_ i="" hope="" this="" advice="" resolves="" the="" issue....="" willfully="" turning="" aside="" from="" truth="" is="" treason="" to="" one="" self.="" phantom="">

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