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Reply to Discontinued Threads?

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Reply to Discontinued Threads?

In the case of:

...being continued on: does one reply to someone on the discontinued thread (e.g. thread 175)?

In case someone thinks, "um, what the hell would you do that for?"

I wanted to reply to:

The first link that, the author (otbsupport) posts ( is invalid (404), so I was going to reply with this link:

...which is the new, correct link that leads to a Portable Skype by Rob Loach.

Basically, I thought copying the entire post of the author in question, adding my reply to it and posting it, whether as a new comment, or in reply to someone other than the author, would not be appreciated.


Ryan McCue
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They don't

That topic was locked because it got too long.
You can copy the text you want to quote and make a new post on the new topic.
Ryan McCue.
So all that Airbus-delay trouble over here in Europe is because of YOU!

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