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Request Vivaldi Browser

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Request Vivaldi Browser

Please add Vivaldi Browser
Although very similar to Opera, the Vivaldi browser allows for a lot more customization than other browsers. I have found that many of its deep settings have helped me a lot as a teacher over the past year as we switched to online learning with our students. It does also allow the installation of Chrome extensions.
Developers web site:

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I want It where I go - Vivaldi Browser

Please add Vivaldi Browser

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Vivaldi would be a great

Vivaldi would be a great addition!

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Vivaldi portable will be nice - but there are some problems

There are some known problems with Vivaldi portable:

The problems which emerge are similar to problems with Opera:

Passwords Not Saved Between PCs By Default: Opera stores passwords in such a way that they are encrypted in a way tied to current PC's operating system, the same issue Google Chrome has. While the passwords are not kept or left behind on the PC itself, they won't be retrievable when you move to a new PC. You must sync your password to Opera in order to preserve them as you move PCs or upgrade operating systems.

Certificates Not Portable: Opera, like Google Chrome, has no certificate manager. It uses Windows' certificates manager. So, any certificates you install are stored on the current local machine and will not travel with you. Thus, you should not use any private certificates with Opera except on your own PC.

Note that other portable browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition do not have the password, extension, and certificate issues mentioned above. These issues are specific to Opera and other Chrome-based browsers due to Chrome's design and not something we can work around without fixes to the base app by the Chrome developers.

see also:

A workaround would be to install Vivaldi as portable. You can choose the option during the installation and is called: Vivaldi standalone.

More infos about the standalone installation is provides in Vivaldis help:

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