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John, you could have warned us.........

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John, you could have warned us.........

About FF v89 that it was a major UI change, a major cock-up IMHO.
For the past few years, after the last UI change and it was working well up to v.88 I was using Aris' userChrome.css tweak to keep my tabs below
the address bar {no Bookmarks bar, turned off in the drop-down} from over at GitHub.
Now v89 has destroyed it and over at mozzillazine guys like me are scrambling to try to find ways of fixing it.
It seems that the silent majority, me included, like our tabs on the bottom and Mozilla themselves is not listening.
They need a phone number because they need to be cursed and sworn at and more, to get it through their thick heads.
My main FF is totally frelled, I'm using the ESR for now, in order to get my work done.
If I can't fix the main FF, then I'm going to find a way to port all my logins over to K-Meleon, the problem there is I haven't quite learned how to integrate the common FF add-ons into KM.
KMPro has AdBlockPlus, but the portable one 76.4.3 you .paf doesn't.
Then there's NoScript, KMPro and 76.4.3 both have the privacy bar that just toggles java and javascript off and on.
Either way, I'm getting a headache!
Just wanted to vent. Thanks