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[Fixed] Emsisoft Emergency Kit update fails

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Mark UK
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[Fixed] Emsisoft Emergency Kit update fails

Hi, I just now installed into my PortableApps USB 3.0 drive the excellent Emsisoft Emergency Kit then launched. I seem to be experiencing an issue where the signatures update fails by being in a possible loop. The update has been running now for around 50 minutes. Anyone able to advise about this?

Many thanks - Mark

UPDATE - I uninstalled the Emsisoft Emergency Kit from my PortableApps, downloaded the kit from their website and installed it on the same USB drive along side my PortableApps. It now updates in a couple of minutes and performs scans so much faster. I guess I can't have everything!

John T. Haller
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Fixed, New Version

Thanks for the heads up. It turns out Emsisoft released a new version but I didn't realize it. I've posted the updated version and updates will work as expected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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