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Xournal: Hand note taking software (text, graphics,...)

Free and open source.

Windows version:

Xournal++ is a hand note taking software written in C++ with the target of flexibility, functionality and speed. Stroke recognizer and other parts are based on Xournal Code, which you can find at sourceforge

Xournal++ features:

Supports pressure senstive styluses and digital pen tables (e.g. Wacom, Huion, XP Pen, etc. tablets)
Paper backgrounds for notetaking, scratch paper, or whiteboarding
Annotate on top of PDFs
Export to a variety of formats including SVG, PNG and PDF, both from the GUI and command line
Different drawing tools (e.g.pen, highlighter) and stroke styles (e.g. solid, dotted)
Shape drawing (line, arrow, circle, rectangle, spline)
Fill shape functionality
Shape resizing and rotation
Rotation and grid snapping for precise alignment of objects
Input stabilization for smoother writing/drawing
Text tool for adding text in different fonts, colors and sizes
Enhanced support for image insertion
Eraser with multiple configurations
LaTeX support (requires a working LaTeX installation) with customizeable template
Sidebar with Page Previews with advanced page sorting, PDF Bookmarks and Layers (can be individually hidden/edited)
Allows mapping different tools/colors etc. to stylus/mouse buttons
Customizeable toolbar with multiple configurations, e.g. to optimize toolbar for portrait/landscape
Page Template definitions
Bug reporting, auto-save, and auto backup tools
Audio recording and playback alongside with handwritten notes
Multi language support (over 20 languages supported)
Plugins using Lua scripting

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Xournal++ works fantastic

I am pleasantly surprised by this application and that it works on Linux and Windows.
I use Xournal++ daily with a xppen drawing pad for taking notes and calculations. For me it's completely replaced paper. I also like that I can paste copied text (eg URLs) and pictures into the document.

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I just made it

I just made it, check here:

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