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Sylpheed and Passwords?

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Sylpheed and Passwords?

How do you get Sylpheed to save the password for its accounts?
I do not see an option to save password.
As long as I have Sylpheed open it saves passwords but as soon as I close it, I have to re-enter all the passwords for each account.


Last seen: 2 years 7 months ago
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Yeah, That's actually the reason I signed up, what is up with passwords and portable browsers? I can't make them work, (no surprise, I'm old) and no one seems willing to talk about it. I asked my son in law (former military and current silicon valley big tech security expert) and he wouldn't even discuss it. Must be forbidden knowledge.

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Configuration - Preferences for Current Account

Select Configuration and then Preferences for Current Account. On the Basic tab at the bottom right you can enter the password. If you need a different login/password for SMTP, select the Send tab and enter it there.

Not many folks here use Sylpheed, so for basic questions about the app itself you're often better off asking or checking the publisher's site.

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