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Manually Thunderbird upgrade (portable version)

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Manually Thunderbird upgrade (portable version)

Hi all

I would like to create an internal guide to upgrade Thunderbird (portable version, not installed) to a new version.
I have version 51 and I would like to upgrade to version 78.

I discovered here ( the files list, used by Thunderbird.

Files that can be copied manually:
1) extensions and themes installed are in Extensions folder
2) email messages (and attachment) are into the folders Mail and ImapMail. For each account, a sub-folder within messages.
Folders have the name of the server (f.e. within 2 files, one without ext and one with msf ext (index).
3) abook.mab, history.mab, *.mab are address book.
Personal address book is abook.mab , history.mab address book collected by Thunderbird.
4) extensions.ini, extensions.json have informations of extensions installed.
5) key3.db + signons.txt oppure signons.sqlite have password account. New version of TB has key4.db to encrypt the passwords stored in the logins.json.
6) in localstore.rdf are stored customizations to toolbars and to the size of the windows. Newer versions have the xulstore.json file instead .
7) mimeTypes.rdf contains the list of "file types" and their associated actions.
8) each account will have msgFilterRules.dat within filter definitions.
9) prefs.js contains the personal settings of the program, of the configured accounts and of any extensions installed. Can it be copied from an older version?
10) training.dat contains the learning data of the Bayesian filter for handling spam. It can be read using the tool
11) folderTree.json contains the paths (trees) of the email folders (standard or created by the user). In case some folders are removed, this file is not automatically updated.

It's correct?
Can all these files be copied "by hand" from an older version to a newer one?
How should the user passwords be migrated?

Where are stored external calendar auth data? For example, connection to Google calendar.
Into calendar-data folder exists cache.sqlite within all appointments but nothing about Google calendar authentication.

Files that do not need to be migrated :
1) parent.lock (or lock, or .parentlock) highlights to Thunderbird that the profile is used, so that the application does not try to use it a second time
2) download.json contains the download history (the attachments of the various emails)
3) global-messages-db.sqlite contains copies of messages for research purposes. Deleting it will force Thunderbird to recreate it.

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Go to mozillaZine Forums

Strictly speaking your questions aren't relevant to Thunderbird Portable as a portable program. Your questions are really relevant to the Thunderbird's profile. Go to mozillaZine Forums -- -- and ask your questions there -- you are much more likely to get a response there. If you go there do mention that you are using Thunderbird Portable and what your plan is.

That said, jumping from version 51 to 78 is a huge jump and many changes to files that should be in the profile folder will have changed and might cause you difficulties in making that huge jump. Again, try mozillaZine for accurate help and information.

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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