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Update issue when firefox.exe has been renamed

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Update issue when firefox.exe has been renamed


I had to rename firefox.exe so:
- firefox.exe renamed to firefoxP.exe (for both x32, x64 arc)
- firefox.exe.sig renamed to firefoxP.exe,sig (for both x32, x64 arc) (I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS IS REQUIRED)
- FirefoxPortable.ini copied next to FirefoxPortable.exe
- FirefoxPortable.ini Key "FirefoxExecutable=firefox.exe" changed to "FirefoxExecutable=firefoxP.exe"
All working OK

Yesterday i download FirefoxPortable_91.0.2_English.paf.exe and perform the update.
The ISSUE is that the installer ignores the new name in FirefoxPortable.ini so:
- it removes old version firefoxP.exe
- it copies new version as firefox.exe
After the update, when i run FirefoxPortable.exe it didn't find firefoxP.exe and pops up an error.
When i manually rename new firefox.exe to firefoxP.exe all worked OK again.

1. Would you please fix this issue in order not to manually rename firefox.exe after every update?
2. Is it required for firefox.exe.sig to also be renamed? If yes, installer must rename it too.

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Last seen: 2 years 9 months ago
Joined: 2008-02-15 04:20
FirefoxPortable v93.0 English

FirefoxPortable v93.0 English - the problem remains unsolved.

John T. Haller
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Advanced Feature, Manual Usage

Renaming firefox.exe is an advanced feature and not supported by the installer/updater. It's intended for users who do most everything manually. Some functions of the FirefoxPortable.exe launcher will likely not work fully (multiple instances, etc) with a renamed firefox.exe. This feature of the launcher is not currently maintained or tested with newer versions. I've added a note to the readme.txt for this that will be included with future releases.

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