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Updater - Unable to update apps

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Updater - Unable to update apps


I has been a few weeks since I could properly update my portable apps with the Updater.
The downloads the connection speed slowly goes down and eventually the connection drops, an error message is displayed and to whole process fails.

Some screenshots of the problem.

Interestingly, manually downloading from the website works flawlessly, in an instant (I'm using an 100Mbps connection, in São Paulo). I've tried every day since the problem started, to see if it was only a CDN fluke, but the problem is persistent and consistent; also, happening in my other machines too.

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Updater - Unable to update apps


the same Problem on my PC. I tried also the Proxy Settings in the Connection Options nothing worked out.
But i found out when i disable (for some seconds) my Pi-hole on the Network when i want to update the Apps it runs fine.
Maybe its a Problem from the DNS Settings.

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Windows Internet Components, Test With IE

The platform uses the built in Windows internet components to handle the downloads. So, these must be properly configured to work. The best way to test is to try to download using Internet Explorer. Not Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc, as those all have their own built in internet handling. Only IE lets you test them.

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I suspect it has to do with the expiry of Let's Encrypts R3/Root CA X3 certificate chain. Getting the list of Updates is fine, but the updates themselves fail with something like a "network or proxy-problem".

(It would be really helpful if the error message content could be copied and pasted.)

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worked after using IE

The comment about the IE was interesting, since the IE and Windows do some magical stuff to update certificate chains. (I didn't know PortableApps uses the Windows infrastructure to check certificates, but it just might.)
And in fact after using it to test the connection, the update worked. Since the Internet Exploder is somewhat rare these days, trying with Edge or Chrome (or maybe poking around in the Windows certificate store for the Let's Encrypt chain) may have the same effect.

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Unable to download the file error

I found the problem in Windows 10 where you are get an error message from the updater trying to download files. The problem stems from a Not Secure issue with The cause is the Root certificate in the Windows Certificate Store that contains the certificate has expired. I was able to fix the problem by following the steps in this article "". After installing the updated Root CA I'm no longer having any problems updating apps or getting new apps through in Windows 10. It seems this problem is with Windows 10 pro since I don't have the problem on my windows 10 home laptop.

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