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Portable Bluetooth?

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Portable Bluetooth?

Maybe it would be nice to have a portable Bluetooth program, so that where ever i or someone else is we can use are bluetooth to combine are pc,mobile,handpc, (everything using blutooth). I would fancy that a lot. I really need a portable blutooth program.
i suggest a program called "bluesoleil", you can find it on the internet but not portable.

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Bluesoleil SDK(software developement kit)

I'm not sure about the details,but on the website of BlueSoleil there is a part there that talks about a "BlueSoleil SDK". I think it could be used to develope softwares. Is it possible to use it to create a portable version of BlueSoleil or Bluetooth software?

It would be perfect to be used in tandem with a plug-n-play Bluetooth dongle.

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What's the point of having

What's the point of having "portable Bluetooth". That's like saying you want "portable WiFi". Say what?

Bluetooth is hardware defendant...either you got it or you don't.

I think we need a better explanation of what you're looking for.

EDIT: I think the OP is looking for software that works over bluetoothe to enable networking, controling Bluetooth devices, etc.

I gleaned that from this:

BlueSoleil allows your Bluetooth radio enabled desktop or notebook computer to wirelessly access a wide variety of Bluetooth enabled digital devices, such as mobile phones, stereo/mono headsets, keyboard and mouse, camera, printer and GPS devices or PDAs etc.BlueSoleil Windows application supports 18 Bluetooth functions (Profiles) and 17 languages at the moment, working perfectly in Windows 2000, Windows XP and Window Vista.
BlueSoleil 6 presents users Bluetooth connection environment in dual interface: the enhanced Soleil GUI and the windows explorer GUI. Users can enjoy the wireless freedom either in the BlueSoleil classic interface or the windows style interface.

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You need the drivers... and BlueSoleil or any other bluetooth program relies on the drivers... If the computer already had bluetooth on it maybe it can work... but if you had like a bluetooth dongle you brought everywhere with you I highly doubt that the computers would let you install the drivers... Also most desktop computers (which I am pretty sure most people are what computer they are used on if it isn't your own computer) don't have bluetooth built in.
EDIT: oh and also the fact that it is not open source or even freeware doesn't help :S

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Are you talking about this?

Are you talking about IVT Corporation.'s BlueSoleil?

After all, there is BlueSoleil and it is convenient though I have the BlueToothUSB adaptor.

I want to look forward to BlueSoleil's becoming a portable version.

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As it says above

Bluesoleil is not open source. It isn't even freeware. It is a pay-for commercial application.

This site will probably never do any official work towards portability for it.

If you want a commercial application to go porable, talk to the owner/vendor/author of it. They're the people who get paid to do what their customers (you) want Smile

But, all that is aside from the fact that it most likely wouldn't work anyway. Bluetooth needs hardware. Hardware needs drivers. Drivers need admin rights to install. Public PCs don't grant those rights. So you'll never be able to wander up to a random PC and plug in your Bluetooth kit

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I got a Bluetooth adapter for my Vista 64 laptop. The adapter came with Bluesoleil and the software wouldn't install OR run. Their "solution" was to download their commercial (time-limited) application and if it worked, I could purchase it. Well, I wasn't happy with that idea, but I tried and it didn't work either.

Later, I just stuck the Bluetooth adapter into the laptop and it auto-installed the Vista drivers for it. Works like a champ!

As you said, Bluesoleil doesn't want to cooperate with anybody. They are just interested in selling stuff.


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My Bluetooth Adaptor Works Anywhere!

PLANEX's "BT-MicroEDR1" works every computer.
This adaptor includes Bluetooth driver.But first you bought, you have to install driver to your "BT-MicroEDR1"'s little bit of memory. also Bluesoleil have to install your computer.
then this adaptor works anywhere. But Bluesoleil doesn't work on other Computer.(It doesn't work only by copying bluesoleil from "C:\program files\..." )

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