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GnuCash Preferences Reset

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GnuCash Preferences Reset

I was recently prompted to update GnuCash to version 4.8 and did so. When I subsequently launched the program I found that my preferences had been removed, presumbaly reset to default. Also, GnuCash did not open my database by default, I had to manually open it (File > Open...).

I've got an idea this may have occurred in the past but I don't think it's happened with every GnuCash Update. That is, my preferences are usually not affected by an update. My question is: is this (preferences being reset) an expected behaviour with version 4.8, or a glitch?

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John T. Haller
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App Issue

GnuCash alters the way it stores settings on major version updates. The local version is similarly affected. My local upgrade to 4.8 did the exact same thing.

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