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port apps platform 19.1 update

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port apps platform 19.1 update

have just installed the platform update version 19.1. the problems i have encountered since are, Libre office will not launch because it informs me i am running windows xp operating system, so it will not launch. also Sumatra PDF portable willnot launch it gives me the same message. Other applications such as Open Office. Audacity, are not affected. Also the app platform does not stay active on the task bar, after an application is started. So everytime i want to look for new apps or start another programme, i have to click on the start button again, and ask me if i want to make changes to the computer. can i go back to my previous launcher. or can you fix this problem. I am running windows 7 service pack 1. on a 64bit system. never had any such problems previously. thanks Ron.

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Compatibility Mode

The platform has no such check for XP, so that's the apps themselves, which don't run on XP. Most likely you somehow set either the platform or those individual apps to run in compatibility mode. Try right-clicking on the shortcut you use to launch, Start.exe, PortableApps.exe, and the individual app launcher exe files in Windows Explorer, selecting Properties, and selecting the Compatibility tab.

There is nothing in any of our code in the platform, launchers, or installers that will change this setting.

UPDATE: I fired up my clean Windows 7 64-bit machine and installed a fresh copy of Platform 19.1 and the two apps and all worked as expected.

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