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Firefox 2.0 and changing to PortableApps

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Firefox 2.0 and changing to PortableApps

Did I understood it correctly: There will come NO version of Firefox 2.0 for U3 on this site?

But is it possible to delete U3 Software from USB-Stick and install PortableApps Freeware instead?

Will PortableApps run same like U3 on system or is there a big different?


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1. Correct
2. Yes
3. Yes the will run the same if not better. You cannot run U3 only apps though.

Answer to your next questions:

How do I switch?
1. Back up all of your profiles for apps you want to keep.(Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.)
2. Uninstall U3.
3. Install PortableApps Suite or whatever you want to.

You can search for how-to's on all of this right from the search button in the upper right.

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Yes/ No

U3 is a complicating topic. John (head of development here)is reconsidering his U3 involvement. So in the meantime, there are no new U3 Apps. But you can use the standard Portable Firefox and use Smithtechs ShortcutCreator to create a shortcut to the PortableFF into your U3Menu.

Or you can delete the U3 menu and use the cdrom partition to autorun the PortableApps Menu. A Howto can be found here

In general, the PortableApps Menu runs on more platforms (all windows down to Win 98, Linux via Wine) than U3.

If you feel more comfortable to post your question in German, we also have a german Forum

Falls du lieber deine Fragen auf deutsch loswerden willst, gibt es auch ein deutsches Forum

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