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Waterfox Classic Browser Portable

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Waterfox Classic Browser Portable

The Waterfox Project has completely dropped support for the Waterfox Classic Browser Portable as of April 2021 when the last Portable v2021.04 was published on its release site.....

From that point on the only way to update the Portable version was through the Browsers internal update feature, which halted with v2021.08.1

MrAlex94, the Developer, created a new & final download & information landing page for Waterfox Classic .......

The latest Full version available is Version 2021.10-classic Released on 2021-11-10

Being the Portable version will no longer be produced, supported, or updated, the only Waterfox Classic version available is the Windows Full Install Version, that can be downloaded from

Therefore, I am respectfully requesting that take up production of this Browser in a portable form.

Thank you for your time & consideration regarding this request, & I am quite sure that the many thousands of homeless past Waterfox Classic Portable users will deeply appreciate it if you see fit to take up this project!

Again, Sincerely,



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+1 from me

Otto Sykora
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Re: Waterfox Classic Browser Portable

It would be nice to see that the powers that be, here at, have the courtesy to simply say/reply that they have read my request, & are taking my/our request into consideration....or not.....



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Waterfox Classic Portable

Well, actually I have version 2021-08 as portable, but this leaves me in the long run with two outdated browses now, since after Pale Moon has abandoned its initial (luring-over-new-users) promise to keep support of classic Mozilla add-ons in April I am stuck there with the last Mozilla-compatible version 29.1.1. I switched to Waterfox Classic then which fortunately supports all my Mozilla add-ons plus the few Pale Moon add-ons I used. Since Portableapps HAD Waterfox classic in the programme until version 2021-02 (at least I found a file named that with paf.exe at the end) so not so long ago, actually, please take up work on it again. It would be a great help for all who were forced to quit Firefox 7 years ago and are now forced to quit Pale Moon.

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Waterfox Classic Portable

I would also like to see this browser maintained. It has been my preferred browser for some time but lately it has become increasingly glitchy. Thanks.

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You can update Waterfox Classic manually.
  • Download the latest build of WC. Use 7zip, WinRAR, etc., to manually unpack the archive. What you want is everything in \core directory.

  • Go to your WaterfoxPortable directory. Browse to \App\Waterfox. You'll see that the file structure is almost the same as what you see in \core.
  • Nuke everything in \App\Waterfox and replace it with the files in \core.


(Even though this is very simple, I recommend backing up your current WaterfoxPortable before doing the steps above, in case you mess it up.)

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