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Old Putty version hash

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Old Putty version hash

Is there an old putty 0.67 hash so you can check if it is correct

SIZE 230864
MD5 eba9c8245c843ff13e2c6497d8cbed39
•SHA1 caad29b97ad4470cd62d00f8bd52add7f60f622a
SHA256 3d9f9ecc8e9e50e7e8a7fe0332294b73ce347039b0ab6bc8d54f884787f67c0a

SIZE 1228152
MD5 79547fa43d33b47e9abe2e42b972f45e
SHA1 eff922f166d4f44dabb23e097f89184998c697c3
SHA256 25077ea64ff981b26a1a5cfd039617869cdebcee555f127ebbef23e21914e96c

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Digital Signature

We don't have the hashes published for older releases. But you can check that it's digitally signed by Rare Ideas, LLC to ensure authenticity. Windows will warn you if it's been altered.

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