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unable to update or install new apps

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unable to update or install new apps

i have a problem with updating or installing new applications on several machines.
when i try to update i get "unable to download the file, this could be due to a proxy or network issue"

i have tried on several machines that are fully patched running windows 11, from a server 2022, from a windows 11 running on the latest dev channel release and a windows 10 vm
i have tried with a vpn and i get the same issue, i have also tried with my pihole disabled and a firewall rule (hw firewall) that does not filter traffic at all.
what is strange is that i tried it from my work computer sitting on the same network as my other machines and that one works to update from, it's a locked down windows 10 that is behind on some of the recent windows updates.

i don't know if it's some patch that are breaking the updates or something else, but for now this is the only common thing between the machines that doesn't want to update.

any idea what else that i could try?
all my vm templates are fully patched with the november updates so i'm going to find some media and try to hand install a win 10 and try to install some portable apps before i patch it and try again.

edit: found a old server 2019 vm that updating works at, after a windows update and reboot tried to download a new portable app and it still works, so must be something else that stops the updates from working