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[Closed] Firefox Portable 95.0 heuristic detecion in Avast

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[Closed] Firefox Portable 95.0 heuristic detecion in Avast

Sorry, i speak Englisch only little.
Update from 94 to 95. Avast told Win32.Evo-Gen[Susp]

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Also reported by AVG

Also reported by AVG AntiVirus regarding Firefox Version 95.0 .

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Heuristic False Positive

This is a heuristic false positive. It means that Avast is guessing that this could be Win32.Evo-Gen even though it doesn't match the signature. Heuristic detection often has false positives and it falls to the user to handle it. If you enable it, you should know that it works this way and use your own judgement when it alerts. The VirusTotal scan we run is clean as always and linked from the Firefox Portable homepage:

I'd wager this is due to the update of the PA.c Installer to NSIS to 3.08. Even though I always wait and it's been out for a while, antivirus heuristics always take a while to fully catch up and expect it.

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