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PortableApps folder contains OVER 400,000 FILES

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PortableApps folder contains OVER 400,000 FILES

Hi everyone, I'd like to consult with you over something troubling i encountered..

After downloading all software through the platform, the folder contains over 400,000 files.
When i connect my pendrive (containing PortableApps) to smaller devices, such as smartphones, they get overwhelmed having to scan the entire pendrive and then read it as corrupt (some sort of "Time-out" issue).

I've been trying to think of ways to keep all the data, while making it count as less files. I tried archiving the entire PortableApps folder, but then running the "Start.exe" through the archive (Rar/Zip) means it has to read for all those files before it opens, which takes over 20 minutes :'D

I then tried using a software like Enigma Virtual Box to make a portable version of every single software inside PortableApps one by one, but Enigma Virtual Box seemed to have a problem compiling the final .exe file......

Any way, i'd really appreciate your ideas at this point. My goal is to keep all the software installed (the 400 apps), while making the phone ignore that folder, or reduce all the files count.

I hope i was clear Smile thanks !

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I think you mean the PortableApps folder, not The folder contains the platform/backup/app store and contains about 770 files. The PortableApps folder contains all your apps and can contain the number of files you mention.

The PortableApps folder contains a file called .nomedia which instructs Android to ignore that folder and its subfolders. Did you accidentally delete it? Or somehow instruct Android to ignore that file (not sure if this is possible)?

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Hi, thank you for your very

Hi, thank you for your very informative response (I didn't know what .nomedia file was until now Smile
I did not delete it, and i even added a ".nomedia" file inside the main folder, so that Android should ignore everything related to PortableApps. However, not only did it not work, i think that whether .nomedia exists or not, when a drive gets connected to an Android device it scans its entire partition, including all directories and sub-directories, making it (possibly) unavoidable.

If anything else comes to mind (An idea or a trick) that would be super helpful because as of right now, My pendrive will only work between PCs, and not smartphones.

I've seen that software such as Enigma Virtual Box is capable of compiling installed software to a single .exe file. (While PortableApps allows making installed software portable, it still collects it into folders and files, rather than an all-in-one .exe)
I can see the many benefits of your current way of creating portable apps with directories and such, because that way the software can be more easily updated, manipulated, and store user data. however, i'd suggest maybe including a toggle in settings that allows for a more compressed version of apps, like all-in-one .exe for every software (+ the option to make them not to save data, and start fresh on every run)
This could be only me, but if it doesn't require too much work, i think it would be very beneficial to PortableApps. Less files means it could make the entire suite more light, quickly accessible and more universally supported.

I see your time and efforts, and i really appreciate it. thanks for reading, and again, if any idea comes to mind, i'll be here. i don't plan on leaving PortableApps. Wink

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