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Not Able To Delete Anything From Kingston 16GB Pendrive

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Not Able To Delete Anything From Kingston 16GB Pendrive

Hello everyone. I am facing a strange issue on my Kingston 16GB Pendrive. Whenever I try to delete anything from it, it shows me "You’ll need to provide administrator permission to delete this folder" error. Does anyone have any idea why I am facing this? Kindly help me to solve my issue.

Update: After following the steps from this article, my issue got resolved.

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It's likely formatted as NTFS and was formatted on a different computer or with a different user than your current. You can fix this by opening Windows Explorer, right-clicking on the drive, and selecting Properties. In the window that appears, click the Security tab. Then click Edit. In the window that comes up, if you do not see Everyone listed, click Add, type the word Everyone, then click OK. Select Everyone from the list and in the Permissions for Everyone list below, click the checkbox in the Allow column for the first entry, Full control. Then click OK. It should go through the drive and update all the permissions so that the drive can be properly used on all PCs.

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