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[Bug] GlobalHotKey=CTRL-SPACE registers ALT-SPACE

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[Bug] GlobalHotKey=CTRL-SPACE registers ALT-SPACE

Troubleshoot that i did - 1) Booted to safe mode but there it was not working, even WIN-ALT-SPACE works but not CTRL-SPACE.
2) Turned off power toys and AHK

System Info- Win ver - 21H2 build 19044.1466
Portable App version - 20.0, it happened with last 3 release too, i just started 3 months ago.

is there a way to fix this.

alternate- can you tell me how can i use AHK to lauch to PortableApps Menu. i don't want to remap keys that will be waste of shortcuts, as i am already so much limited as most of keys already have been assigned by my AHK scripts.

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Accidentally Alt-Space

It looks like CTRL-SPACE actually registers ALT-SPACE at the moment. Mistake on my part. I'll get it sorted for the 20.1 release which should be this week. For now, if you set it to CTRL-SPACE, you can use ALT-SPACE.

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