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I just got robbered on exchange

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I just got robbered on exchange

I logged into Kucoin (Crypto exchange) through firefox portable.

In 3 minutes all my funds were transformed into BTC and transferred to another account.

I lost all my funds.
Afterwards I saw that when I logged-in, in parallel another instance logged in in China (time UTC+8).

Pay attention. The software is not safe to be used.
I will ask "" to respond about this unacceptable issue.

John T. Haller
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Firefox Portable Confirmed Clean As Always, Your Machine

As always, Firefox Portable was confirmed clean before release. It's scanned in about 70 antivirus engines via VirusTotal before posting. You can always click the Antivirus Scan below the download button to get to it.

I've been personally packaging and checking Firefox Portable since March 2004, when I released the first modern portable app as Portable Firefox in a zip file with a batch file to launch it on my personal website I rechecked both the English and Italian packages of Firefox Portable 96.0.2 on both our download server (used for our website) and SourceForge and all match the original release. Both scan clean in VirusTotal. Both are digitally signed with an SHA256 hash using our code signing certificate.

Most likely you have a cryptojacker on your machine that watches for active browser sessions it can latch onto. It also could be Kucoin itself as they've been hacked before. I'd wager it's the former, though. There's been a huge rise in cryptojacker use since they're cheap and easy to use now. You can lease access for $150 a month apparently:

I'm sorry this happened to you, but I'm quite sure that the copy of Firefox Portable you downloaded is clean as long as you downloaded it from us and its digital signature is intact.

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