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[Fixed] sPortable Ver PAF errors

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[Fixed] sPortable Ver PAF errors

Windows 10 Ver 21H2

Downloaded to USB drive and attempted installation. About halfway through the install an error message came up stating that the version of Skype was not valid and would not be installed.

I closed the PAF installer, deleted it, downloaded a new copy. Same issue with the error message. sPortable (Skype Portable) will not install.

Reproduceable error.

Is it possible they have changed the download of the core app from MS? This installer is downloading the core program for installation as a portable format.


Dominic Tey
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I can confirm the same error,

I can confirm the same error, you encountered. Windows 10 ver 21H1.

Edit: Installation had to be manually cancelled

John T. Haller
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The publisher removed version and reverted back to so we have done the same. Please let us know if the download starts to fail again as it means they've pushed an update.

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