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Gramps Ubuntu Fonts MIssing

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Gramps Ubuntu Fonts MIssing


Whenever I load up Gramps Portable on Ubuntu (Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS 64-bit) all I get is squares instead of any writing.

I prefer to use the portable version for ease, but when I install the normal, non portable version via their website, it works fine. I have tried searching Google, but as it seems to be central to Gramps Portable, I thought this was the best place to ask.

Does anyone else have this issue or know of anyway it can be fixed?

Any help would be really appreciated. Smile

John T. Haller
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Working Here on PopOS

It's working here on PopOS with fonts displaying. A bunch of the icons don't display correctly though whether using portable or a local install. I'm using Wine installed directly from the Wine folks (avoid distro repositories as they're almost always out of date) and I have the optional font packages installed via winetricks.

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