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Thunderbird 91.5.1 can't access FTP calendar

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Thunderbird 91.5.1 can't access FTP calendar

I use a network calendar on my LAN that has the following URL:


TB portable cannot synchronize it because TB portable does not know how to open the URL: it briefly asks which app to use in a window ("How do you want to open this? Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge") that immediately disappears. The calendar is listed but remains empty.

I thought a ftp client was included in TB to handle FTP URLs.

The problem does not exist in portable TB 78.14.0 that is located on another PC with the same OS version and never updated. BTW my current workaround is to use TB 78.14.0.

Anyone with the same problem and (ideally with) a solution?

Thunderbird: 91.5.1 (64-bit)
OS version, Windows 10 version 20H2 64-bit
install path: C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\commencement\PortableApps\PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable

John T. Haller
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FTP Support Dropped

As with Firefox, Thunderbird has dropped support for FTP. You can access your calendar via a network share or similar, but not FTP as it has no ability to connect to it. On a related note, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc have all similarly dropped FTP support.

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Thank you for the quick answer

OK clear answer, duly noted.

Thunderbird accesses my home LAN, where my mail server is located, through Kitty's socks 5 proxy when my laptop is behind my employer's firewall because it blocks SMTP port 25 and also IMAP. I am not an admin on this laptop.
Then I turn off the proxy setting in TB when the laptop is in my home LAN, yet all the server settings remain identical in both LANs, which is appreciable.

I don't think I can mount a network share through Kitty... But I'll find something.

JF Berne

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