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Eraser .Net Portable Dev Test 1 (released)

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Eraser .Net Portable Dev Test 1 (released)

This app has been released:

Application: Eraser .Net
Category: Security
Description: Secure data erase tool
System Requirements: Windows 7 and up with .Net Framework 4.6 or later

Download Eraser .Net Portable Dev Test 1
10MB download / 41MB installed
MD5: e102124421b54bfdf62043b66e5156d7
SHA256: 8e908dcee17d01f943f74c95c6d9ea36aac68f22f1433095585986a7c85a20fe

This release will be the first .Net Framework app that doesn't necessarily work out of the box on Windows 7 but should as long as you have .Net updates installed. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions are included by necessity as they will not work otherwise. If Windows 7's .Net Framework is not up to date, the next PA.c Platform will automatically ask if you wish to download the .Net Framework 4.8 web installer. The launcher itself will not detect whether the proper .Net is installed.

Release Notes:
2022-02-04: Dev Test 1: Initial release