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Using the launcher generator to generate multiple app launchers

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Brisingr Aerowing
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Using the launcher generator to generate multiple app launchers

I'm working on updating the Msys2 Portable setup that was posted a while ago, and am having trouble getting the launcher generator to generate launchers for the new build systems that Msys2 has (the current portable setup only has the Msys, Mingw32, and Mingw64 launchers, and Msys2 now supports Clang32, Clang64, and UCRT64 as well). When running the generator, it only creates a new Msys2Portable.exe file, ignoring the other launcher ini files.

John T. Haller
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Single Launcher

The PA.c Launcher only supports a single launcher per app. That's also the preferred way for the platform. We only have two exceptions for that at the moment. LibreOffice and OpenOffice. If the app you're doing has a main EXE that takes arguments to launch the variants, you can do that with custom launcher stubs. Download LibreOffice Portable and check out its extra launchers and their source in Other\Source to see how it works.

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only supports a single yes

only supports a single launcher per app yes . but you can use command line to lunch other ways you want
for exp Msys2Portable.exe make shortcut or ini file or any things u can
if Msys2Portable.exe -oco run this command if -XXX run that
second way
you can make Portable.exe that make Portable. ini at first running in "luncher folder" for itself aftart that run by it.
sorry for my english

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