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Missing "Open message in conversation" feature in 91.6?

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Missing "Open message in conversation" feature in 91.6?

I recently upgraded from Thunderbird portable version 60.0.1 to 91.6, using it standalone, no platform.
I have been trying to get to see my sent emails in conversation in Thunderbird. The Thunderbird forum has been advising me via a thread I started.
It turns out there is a context menu option, "Open message in conversation"
Screenshot of missing feature:

I always assumed they were the exact same versions functionality-wise as the corresponding non-portable version, but is this not the case? IN that case, was there a reason this menu option was left out?

Many thanks!!

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Did you set thunderbird to

Did you set thunderbird to sort by threadded? Otherwise you may not have this menu option enabled (no threadding, no conversations...).

Refer to this help topic:

That said, Thunderbird does not handle all conversations reliably. I have some threads in my mail account, that don't count as conversation because I deleted an irrelevant answer at some time...

sorry, after I followed your link, found out, you enabled threadding (had to scroll up to the opening post). Better choose a correct link next time. Wink
Still, the threadding of thunderbird is kind of buggy depending on the mail settings.

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