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Context Menu Search Function

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Context Menu Search Function

I already tried to run a search for this and couldn't find anything.
I updated to PFF 1.5 this last weekend, and this is the first chance I've had to try it out. But right up front I noticed two major annoyances. The first is has to do with the layout. There is a blank toolbar beneath the one that has the back/forward/refresh buttons on it. And also a massive chunk of unused space beneath the status bar. If anyone knows how to remove those spaces I would appreciate some assistance.
The second one has to do with the context menu. Over the last year, or however long it has been since I discovered PFF, I have become dependent on one particular feature of it. The search function within the context menu. Unfortunately it seems to be missing in this new version. I have had no luck tracking down an extension that would add that functionality. What options do I have for regaining that feature? If it would be necesary to create an extension, then it might be an opportunity to add image/quote/lyrics search functionality while I was messing around in there.
Thanks for your time.

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Try a base install

Or try restarting a few times. Some extensions within 1.0 mess things up when upgraded to 1.5. Some 1.0 profiles mess things up in 1.5 as well. This happens with Portable Firefox and regular Firefox.

The blank bar up top may be your Personal Toolbar Folder if you have no links on it. The one at the bottom is due to the bug mentioned above. Selecting a word/phrase and searching is built into FF and PFF.

Bottom line: It's your profile

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The extra bar uptop was the

The extra bar uptop was the personal bookmark toolbar. I have disabled all the extensions, and that didn't seem to help. Other than extensions, I haven't done anything to change the profile, but I did deselect files that I thought might cause me to loose my extensions when I unziped it. I'll download a new copy (since I don't have the other with me right now) and try again.

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