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Registering DLL In Registry Question

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Registering DLL In Registry Question


I have a question. I have a program I have made portable. It requires registering a .dll that in turn requires admin rights. I have used a custom.nsh file to register and unregister the .dll. IOW I don't need help with that - it's working....

My question is, I don't understand how PortableApps uses it's own registery files without writing to the host pc's registry at all.

How do you use the .reg files in PortableApps? Do I have to just set up a file and it will write to it? Do I have to actually save a .reg file that has the registration already in it - or what? any assistance GREATLY appreciated.

Sorry if this has been asked previously, I'm not a registry expert and there is no forum search function (AFAIK).


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Loads and Unloads

The PA.c Launcher will load files in and out of the registry. HKCU doesn't require admin rights. HKLM does. Registering a DLL is another thing entirely as you're likely to need regsvr32.exe called directly to register and unregister in custom code (PA.c Launcher doesn't handle this itself at the moment). So, if you have an app that uses HKCU\Software\AppName and set that up within the RegistryKeys section of the PA.c Launcher ini, the launcher will back that key up within the registry if it exists and then load in the defined .reg file. After the app closes, the launcher will save that key back to the .reg file and then load in the backed up version if there was one.

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