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It'd be nice if the PAP would not attach it's self to processes that are already running

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It'd be nice if the PAP would not attach it's self to processes that are already running

I'm not sure "Attach" is the correct way to describe this but...
Why does the Portable Apps Launcher want me to close running applications that were started prior to the Portable Apps Launcher being started? I find this frustrating because I don't always want the PAP launcher running. For example: I associate .mp4 (and other media) with PotPlayer Portable and I associate .ods files with LibreOffice Portable. When I double-click to open those file types, then the associated portable app will run, and that's how I want it. However, if I have those applications running and then later I run the PAP launcher to quickly update a different app, then the PAP launcher is now stuck running unless I force-close it with taskman. But if I do that, then any of the aforementioned apps will now be forced closed also, unless they were launched As Admin. If I run PotPlayer elevated, then this wont happen but this is not ideal.

Maybe there are reasons for this behavior, possibly for the case when someone is running from a USB thumb drive. Other than that, I can't think of a reason why this would be necessary. I would definitely appreciate it if this behavior were made into an optional feature.

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When you first ran the PA.c Platform it asked if you wanted to automatically close running apps and you said yes. You can change this in Options in the Advanced tab and uncheck the option to close apps.

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