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Links 2.1

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Links 2.1

Good day! I think I have found the last Links version that supported JS. I tried making my own Portable app for this but I can't. I do understand that it is outdated but pls. If you think it is inappropriate anymore, please suggest a browser like Links that support JS as well. Thank you very much.

Here is the link of the file

John T. Haller
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First, install Links Portable to your PortableApps directory or the directory of your choice. If using the PA.c Platform, rename the LinksPortable directory to LinksPortableLegacy so it won't update it when a newer version of Links is available. Then explore to the LinksPortableLegacy\App\links folder and delete the contents. Keep this Explorer window open.

Second, install 7-Zip Portable if you don't already have it.

Third, open 7-Zip Portable and explore to the directory that contains the Links-2.1-installe.exe file you have. Right click on that file and select Open Inside. Copy all of the files within there to the LinksPortableLegacy\App\links folder you still have open.

You may now be able to launch it using the LinksPortable.exe launcher within the LinksPortableLegacy directory. If it works, you're good to use it, keeping in mind that you absolutely should not use it on the regular web as it's completely insecure. If it doesn't work, you'll need assistance from someone to custom package it or adjust the Links Portable package for it. We won't be doing that ourselves as it's a browser no one should be using due to security issues.

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