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Strict company security policy - Firefox detected as 'virus-ike' application

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Strict company security policy - Firefox detected as 'virus-ike' application

This post is not about FFP as a 'false positive' by A/V software due to the launcher's behaviour, rather about "firefox.exe" being included in a company's A/V blacklist.

Until recently I happily used FFP on my work computer. Recently my employer has included Firefox in a blacklist of its A/V SW. When trying to run FFP now, a Virus-Warning mesage will appear, then the A/W SW will delete firefox.exe from my removable drive.

The topic of strict company security policies has been touched upon before in this forum - John Haller advised to simply not use any portable apps at work in such a security policy environment, pointing out the risk of detection based on the employer's potential monitoring of your computer. Granted. That would be the sensible thing to do.

However, out of curiosity (and lack of sensibleness, maybe): Would anyone happen to know of a workaround?

I don't presume simply renaming the 'firefox.exe' would do the trick. While this could potentially prevent the A/V SW from locating and deleting the .exe, I would think the running instance of Firefox (the application's process) would still be called 'Firefox', thus still triggering the A/V SW alert?

Also, renaming the .exe would probably prevent the FFP launcher from being able to start it.

Any ideas?

Thanks, El-Mans

Ryan McCue
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If you do rename it, just copy Other\FirefoxPortableSource\FirefoxPortable.ini to the same folder as FirefoxPortable.exe
Then, edit FirefoxPortable.ini and change the FirefoxExecutable to whatever.
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