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I would like to see a portable version of Azureus which is a torrent download program.
This would mean that people constantly switching computers could download their torrents anywhere with a Internet connection and the right permissions. I don't have a computer of my own so i have to use others computers to access stuff so i have a thumb drive and an external hard drive and i have your portable apps on both. I would like to see this so that others like me could download their torrent anywhere besides that one computer.

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You're not.

The first to request this program. Next time, just search first, (using the search button in the top right corner of this site). It's been requested at least a few times, and a few other p2p file sharing programs have been requested as well.

Right here, you'll find a bunch of discussion about the topic, and the first one actually is portable Azureus, you'll read it's non clean, but I think Ryan McCue says he's working on it as well.

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