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LibreOffice 2.3.1 Portable

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LibreOffice 2.3.1 Portable

I am following each new version, and I wrote about this bug before, but it comes again.
In version 7.1.8 (which I use now) - in the upper left corner of "Calc" spreadsheet, there are two pen-icons , to direct the writing direction : right to left or left t right/
In the last version 2.3.1 again those icons are hidden at the far upper end, only if you click on the >> icon they appear.
Well, I have prepared two screenshots, but cannot see any 'link' where to attach them.
(May be after I save this post)
Answers will be appreciated.

System Windows 10 pro, 21H1, 19043.1586 x 64

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You Need to Post in a LibreOffice Forum

The issue you raise has nothing at all to do with PortableApps -- it is an issue with Calc itself.

You would be better to post your problem into a forum that deals with LibreOffice -- here are two: (Note: despite the name this forum does deal with LibreOffice questions as well as OpenOffice questions.)

Hope this is of help.

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