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Battle for Wesnoth

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Battle for Wesnoth

I recently found this game and thought it's quite addicting (to me). Since it's opensource, it's okay to modify. Even though I know you can make this game portable by using Universal Extractor, and the game doesn't write any registry at all. I wonder if it is possible to add this game into the portable application project here?

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It's a good game... I wanna

It's a good game...
I wanna it on PortableApps too Biggrin

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Yeah I'd

Love 2 see a Battle for Westhnoth in the PortableApps Family.

As all of ya should know Microsoft is the Evil Empire, and Windows (a.k.a. Winblows or Windoze) is their greatest general, so please make a difference and install Linux or Free BSD on yer Windows comp.

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According to Wikipedia, it

According to Wikipedia, it already is portable, but their definition is that it can run from a flash drive correctly without needing any other software, etc.

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