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Hot Key Program

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Hot Key Program

I think there needs to be a portable hot key program b/c i log into a lot of stuff everyday and it would really come in handy.

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Please provide a little bit

Please provide a little bit more information, maybe a program that you know has this ability but not a portable version and a link to where to find it. It will be easier for us to help if you include this info

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Yeah, more info needed possibly

Since my crystal ball is all warmed up from another forum, I'll try to read this user's mind...

Since you mention "log into" and "hotkeys", maybe they want a way to save login info into a secure database and then can use a hotkey combo to auto-login to the website. If that's the case, KeePass is what you're looking for. Get it from the main page on this website.

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One such program

is PS Hot Launch VVL
It runs in the tray and allows hot key access to programs, groups and then programs in groups.

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keePass + KeeForm

keepass with the keeform add on is awesome.. only works with IE but works 97% for sites that have a login/pass... run keepass, enter keepass global password, locate entry for site you want to get into, dbl click the entry. boom, it opens the browser, goes to the page, fills out the login credentials, and submits the form. it's nearly perfect. IMHO

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Have a look at this.

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I use autohotkey. the actual

I use autohotkey. the actual program isn't fully portable [registry entries], but allows you to turn your script into small [portable] exe files. the extensive help allows for anyone, even people who have never coded before, to make simple hotkeys and hot scripts [to run programs, navigate the mouse using the numpad, replace the start button with a customizable clock, and much much more [autoIT]]

It's open source and licensed under GNU GPL, making it a viable choice for portabalizing.

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PSTART Hot keys

In the PSTART program launcher application they allow a hot key for each menu item. It's very handy to hot key start programs.

Does the launcher start menu have this functionality? I know there is a hot key to show the menu but what about all the other menu items?

If not, is there any plans for it for the future?



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