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Ask Where to save file no work

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Ask Where to save file no work

Before it was working okay until I got some spyware onto the computer. When trying to download something you can't tell where to save the file for the download to start. If set automatically to save to desktop then will download.

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to download a fresh copy of FFPortable and unzip it right over the old one. That should make sure the program is OK and wont harm your data. And you can manually set whether FF will ask you about where to download the stuff to.
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A couple of things.

Are you using FFP?

Do you have an uncorrupted back up of your profile?

I would start with cleaning the PC you use 1st.

I would start with Spybot.

After you have completed eradicated the spyware, I would then start with a fresh copy of FFP. If you have a clean profile saved you can just copy it back in when you are done.

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