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How to have menu also use apps in another folder?

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How to have menu also use apps in another folder?

Hello, let's assume PortableApps platform and apps are installed to


but we also want to have the PortableApps launcher/menu etc be able to see/recognize other folders; to be able to have portable apps in more than 1 folder.

eg. C:\UTILS is where we would like some utilities to go.

Yes, I am aware that a PortableApp can be standalonei nstalled to C:\UTILS, and that is what we have done, and created a shortcut for.
But we also want to be able to launch a PortableApp that is in C:\UTILS from the PortableApps launcher/menu.

Is there a method to do this?
Either manually or via the interface?
Perhaps by being able to choose the install location individually for each App during an install?
And if so, will the PortableApps platform also then be able to auto update the apps in more than the PortableApps default folder.

If not, I would like to suggest this as a new feature/function.
Thank you.

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Already planned Platform Bug Report and Feature Tracker → Upcoming Features → Scan multiple paths for apps.

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Symbolic Links...but

I think you could use Symbolic Links, using the "folder union" function, or Link each Portable App folder.

I have this SCENARY:
- A folder that I use as a Shared Folder, only with the Portable apps = D:\_Portables$ (\\MyPC\Portables$)
- And the PAF Launcher at C:\TEMP\_Pseudoportable
- So, the C:\TEMP\_Pseudoportable\PortableApps is Linked to D:\_Portables$
- The "" folder is also in D:\_Portables$. That folder contains the updater and the platform...

If I start the portableapps Launcher (C:\Temp\_Pseudoportables\Start.exe), it will read the whole set of portableapps, being able to update them, and able to update the platform too.

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