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Google Chrome Portable 100.0.4896.88 Stable

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Google Chrome Portable 100.0.4896.88 Stable

1.) The search for harmful software feature doesn't work I receive the following message.
**In Settings > Privacy & Security** (Heading in the category list on the left column of the pg.)
**Safety Check Section** (1st section of the Privacy & Security category page)
**Device Software**
**Find Harmful Software**
**Search Failed:**
*An error occurred while Chrome was searching for harmful software.*
How do I make the 'Find Harmful Software' feature work?

2.) I have some additional questions that aren't related, but would like some input.

**In Settings > Privacy & Security** (Heading in the category list in the left column of the webpage)
**Privacy & Security** (2nd section of the Privacy & Security category page)
**Security Section**
**Use Secure DNS**
2i.) *Which secure DNS provider is best?*

2ii) *Do any of the DNS provider options use the DSEC Option?*

2iii) Does the Chome need to use the ISP provider DNS on the first query of an internet session regardless of whether this setting is chosen?

3.) **What are the best options for protecting against malware, privacy invasion & DNS tracking, spoofing?**
*(Initially I was thinking about an extension, but all suggestions & info are welcome.*

*Sorry, I couldn't find a current Chrome topic to post under.* Ugg!

**Thank you for your time & consideration!**


When clicking on the 'More Information about text formats link' immediately below the post creation box; a user is directed to the pg. The choice for making text appear & the option to indicate text doesn't seem to work in the post preview area. However in this post script comment, the text after &, did appear bold. The Text format setting was left in the default option, 'Basic HTML and Text'.

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Requires Install

It appears that, like updating, the checking for harmful apps feature requires Chrome to be installed. As for the other options, these are more about Chrome itself than our portablization of it, and I can't speak with authority on them.

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