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TB portable and gmail

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TB portable and gmail

currently google seems to disable access to its services except its own apps.
Is there some experience how to enable Thunderbird portable to use gmail or google calendar or address book stored at google?

Dominic Tey
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Gmail (personal and workspace) and Thunderbird Portable

Hi, just added a personal gmail account of mine to Thunderbird Portable.

Using Thunderbird's set up wizard, accessing it through IMAP SSL/TLS,

  • get a pop up window asking me to log into Google
  • entered the email address and password (choosing to stay signed in)
  • get and enter the verification code via text message
  • allowed Mozilla Thunderbird Email to the 3 activities in the same pop up windows

Thunderbird pop up window closes, and the account is successfully created. Emails retrieved.

Previously set up personal and Google Workspace accounts continue to be able to retrieve and send emails without any issues.

Last seen: 2 weeks 3 days ago
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OK thanks, I hope I will mange it and it will work also poratably. All seems to be activating some functions of the windows,so not sure if the result is really kept in the TB on the usb stick

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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Following the order you

Following the order you described, I get to the confirmation window, where the email is written, and when I press the forward button, the following message appears: "400. That `s a mistake. The server cannot process the request because it is malformed. A new attempt should not be made. That's all we know.'

I am asking for your advice on how to proceed. Even with manual configuration, every attempt to download letters gives this response.

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