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Updates are S-L-O-WWWWW

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Updates are S-L-O-WWWWW

I don't know what's going on, but updates went from slow from to ludicrous slow. Win7 x64 / Linux under Wine Win7. Some odd months ago updates would take 15-18 minutes. Then that went up to 30-40 recently. Now.. now I've been running updates for about 2 hours. One will hang occasionally, so it's not entirely the apps fault, but what in the HELL is going on here??

I checked in ProcessExplorer, and the individaul updates are indeed running SOOO slow! They go between 0.1% and 1.97% for a few seconds, stop for 1-10 seconds, then start again.. at a snails crawl. I raised the priority of PortableApps itself, but unfortunately that didn't carry over in to the updates. I have no idea what else I could do to kick the updates in the pants.


Edit: I just had to add the PortableApps icon back in to my taskbar.. did the app update in the last week or two? I'm wondering if perhaps an update solved or caused the problem, since I just downloaded an updated version?

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Are you talking about downloads or the actual speed to install on your drive? If the install speed, there's nothing that would be slowing things down. They're standard NSIS installers that just extract files. If you've noticed a gradual slowdown, I'd suggest scanning your drive for errors, both the drive installed to and the drive with your TEMP directory.

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Yyyep. I just ran SFC

Yyyep. I just ran SFC /Scannow and rebooted a half dozen time. I considered doing a rollback.

Not only did something install a copy of C++ from 2015 over top of a newer copy.. it then just went right ahead and installed an x86 copy over top of a 64x copy for good measure.

^%@#ing Micro$oft.

I must say John, your troubleshooting skills are scarily accurate. The majority of the issues were under Windows/WinSxS/temp/...

(I actually got sick of waiting for PortableApps related installers to finish last night and shut it down. Shut the whole laptop down in case it was a virus. I'm running the remaining 8-9 app updates now.. I'll report back shortly..)

I'm seeing similar conditions. The update mostly runs at 0.67% CPU usage, then goes to 0% or 0.01% for 1-10 seconds, then bounces up. The difference is that now it will bounce up to say 12.7% where as previously it never went up to 2%. Meanwhile my System Idle process stays above 90-96%.

I suppose I'll try a rollback. a bit scary with a Win7 install though.

%$#@ing Micro$oft.

Edit: i'm stuborn, I ran SFC / rebooted about 12 more times. I've got installer junk popping up at startup, so I know I've solved some issues. I'm starting to think that the WIndows File Protection has been plugged up for like a year, because SFC keeps finding more and more stuff to move around. LIke thousands of rename actions. I'm not sure if I should trust what it's reporting. I don't quite see how y computer could run with THAT much stuff screwed up.

Anyway.. this is why I switched to PortableApps as much as possible. Can't even trust Windows to clean uo it's own mess anymore.

AH!! Maybe THAT is the real reason they mucked everything up by making "Apps" in Win10. Hmm...

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