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Folder Icons

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Folder Icons

I'm working on a thumb drive for soon to be CompSci student who just graduated high school when I'd noticed that the core folder icons PortableApps creates aren't all from the same cookie cutter. My OCD kicked in a bit and I made them all to have the same folder shape and similar colors to the originals. I placed them in the ..\PortableApps\\App\Graphics\WindowsFolderIcons folder and replaced the originals, but for some reason when I tried it on a new PC they just looked like normal folders.

I looked up how to write Desktop.ini files and that didn't seem to help either.

Is there a particular thing(s) I need to change? I was hoping to have a Downloads and Coding folder with custom icons on them too.

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If you've used it on a given PC before, you may have to clear your icon cache.

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