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Name of the Program: Flameshot 12.0

Website for the program:

Description: Flameshot is a free and open-source, cross-platform tool to take screenshots with many built-in features to save you time. Using Flameshot is as simple as launching, dragging the selection box to cover the area you want to capture, making annotations as needed in on-screen and saving the shot to your computer, all with a very simple and straightforward interface. Flameshot allows users to simply upload their screenshots directly to the cloud in order to easily share it with others. You can upload your image directly to Imgur with a single click and share the URL with others.

In-app screenshot editing - You can choose to add an arrow mark, highlight text, blur a section (blur or pixelate an area), add a text, draw something, add a rectangular/circular shaped border, add an incrementing counter number, and add a solid color box with Flameshot's built-in editing tools. (Description courtesy of Neowin:

License: GPL v3

Also it appears Neowin has listed the version 12, while Flameshots website has version 11 being current. But if you check Flameshots GitHub you can see version 12 has been released as a final build (

If it makes things any better I'd also like to add there is a portable version of the app already, but I'd like to see this make it's way into the suite.