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How to compile the start program? And what IDE is used?

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How to compile the start program? And what IDE is used?

I download the start(PortableAppsStartSource21.2.2.7z) source code from SF, and want to modify and customize it.
It seems the code is in Pascal, and I installed the Lazarus IDE, but it doesn't know the source code project.

What is the IDE is used to compile the code? Any guide to build it?

Gord Caswell
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The platform is built using Embarcadero's Delphi IDE.
This is also what the start executable is developed in.
The 22.0 Beta 1 version of the platform was built using Delphi 11.1.

I myself have started exploring assisting in development of the platform itself, using the Delphi Community Edition, however have not been able to dedicate much time to it recently.

[EDIT] Also note that the Community Edition is using the 10.4.2 version of Delphi, not the newly-released 11.1, as the Community Edition tends to lag behind the paid products.

John will likely have further insight.

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